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Crank masts

The telescopic masts made of aluminum - square - hollow tubes (AlMgSi07 F26 E6/EV1) are driven in and out by means of a self locking crank handle with an integrated rope mechanism. It is possible to attach an elctric drive which allows a remote control of the mast.  more >

Kurbelmast - Motorantrieb E-Drive



Aluminium - Tripods (anodised) with star grip

The round tube itself consists of several nestable and single slotted tubes which can be pulled out and fixed by stable gripper clamps. Please pull out the tubes only to the given check mark at maximum since there is no hard stop. However, for safety purposes there are 2 coloured indications. When getting to the first one lower the pace until the second is reached. Then fix the tube with the gripper clamp. The pedestals as well as the round mast are made of anodised aluminium round tubes of 2mm thickness resulting in a very low self-weight. When using the stand with a heavy load the installation of a bracing might be necessary depending on the given wind force.

The aluminium tripods are manufactured of an aluminium round tube standing on 3 but available also on 4 legs. To level out uneven ground all individual legs are vertically adjustable.  more >


Aluminium round masts

The round telescopic mast consist of several nestable and single slotted tubes. These tubes can manually be pulled out and be fixed by stable gripper clamps.
2 coloured check marks indicate when the maximum length of each tube is reached. When getting to the first indication lower the pace until the second is reached. Then fix the tube with the clamp. It is critical to install the mast at the correct clamping length. The minimum clamping length should be at least 1/6th of the overall extended length. Masts exceeding a height of 6 meters require an additional bracing.

The round telescopic masts are made of round aluminum tubes (AlMgSi05 F22). The individual elements are kept together by stainless steel clamps (V2A) fixed by V2A M8 screws. more >

Clamp-Clips for round masts

The self-made gripper clamps of our round masts are made of 25 mm broad and 1mm strong stainless steel. The clamps are fixed by 2 brazen spikes and a M8 stainless steel screw. more >

MSL clamp-clips
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