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Wind measuring mast / weather measurement mast SET

Our WMM mast set to measure wind and weather consists of a round telescopic aluminium mast and custom made fastening elements ensuring a quick and easy installation of your mast system on the one hand and its secure operation on the other.
The measuring mast is made from several aluminium tubes locked inside one another and slit on one side. They may easily be pulled out by hand up to the marking visible on each tube. You can now start fixing the tubes by use of the stable gripper clamps we likewise offer, just in case you need some.
A coloured marker ring shows how far the aluminium tubes can be pulled apart. There is no fixed stop applied, but 2 markings instead, to simplify the installation of your weather mast. If you reach the first marking, slowly pull out the telescope tube up to the second marking, and then lock the tube by means of the gripper clamp.
The base plate and its ground pegs provide a secure mast footing and prevent it from sliding sideways or sinking into the ground too much.
The mast bracing is to be done 2-fold and in 3 different directions. One first bracing will be attached underneath the top tube. In so doing you obtain a free upper mast tube to be equipped with the measuring devices. The second bracing must be placed centrically to avoid vibrations of your mast in case of high winds.
All guy ropes have specific rope tensioners and pulleys allowing a quick and easy tensioning of the ropes by just a few hand turns. The round mast is manufactured from circular anodized aluminium tubes (AlMgSi05 F22) having 2mm thick walls. All steel parts and steel ropes used show a zinc-coated surface.

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Part number
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Mast Kit for Wind Measuring Applications
retracted length: 1,80 m
total lenght : 10,00 m
Tube diameter (mm):
Packing dimensions: 185x25x25 cm / 26 kg
EUR 620,00 
EUR 737,80 
Mast Kit for Wind Measuring Applications in a box
retracted length: 1,50 m

total length: 10,00 m
Tube diameter (mm):
Box 7mm multiplex
Packing dimensions: 155x35x35 cm / 47 kg

EUR 785,00 
EUR 934,15
   MSL WMM Transportbox  
   MSL WMM Transportbox  

The WMM wind or weather measuring mast set will be delivered in a transport box. That sturdy box is made up of 7mm birch multiplex, aluminium edges having dimensions of 30×30mm, steel ball corners, 2 flexible Butterfly closures, 2 hinged handles (heavy) and big locking hinges. The measuring mast and its equipment are stored in the transport box and protected reliably against loss and damage.
Furthermore your transport box provides enough space to keep the measuring devices, data loggers and its accessories.


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MSL - Mechanische Systeme Lehmann - Teleskopmaste
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MSL - Mechanische Systeme Lehmann