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MSL - Mechanical Systems Lehmann

The company was founded in November 1998 by Maik Lehmann. It is located in Gnaschwitz in the federal state of Saxony.
Gnaschwitz, a small village in the Oberlausitz region, is part of the community of Doberschau-Gaußig which itself is about 55km east of Dresden and 6 km southwest of Bautzen.

Within this quiet environment far away from the stress and noice of econonmic hotspots we design, develop and manufacture a wide range of vertically adjustable main frames and telescope masts.
The core vision of MSL is to provide products of high qualitiy and reliability combined with an extreme user-friendliness.

For a wide range of appliciations, MSL manufactures crank handled telescope masts made of aluminium or stainless steel square tubes as well as round masts made of high-quality aluminium.
Besides our various standard products we develop and craft specialized telescope masts that are adjusted to the customers individual needs.

Given the high and continous quality of our products our customers profit from a long service life and low costs of ownership.


MSL - Mechanische Systeme Lehmann